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Courses Offered

The college offers the following courses

Part I English

Part II

Second language (Arabic/Hindi/Sanskrit/Telugu & Urdu)

B.A: History, Public Administration, Political Science (HPP)
  Economics, Political Science, Computer Application (EPSCA)
  Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology (PSP)
  Psychology, Sociology, Modern Language (PSML)
B.Sc: (Physical Sciences)
  MPCs - Maths, Physics, Computer Science
  MPE - Maths, Physics, Electronics
  MSCs - Maths, Statistics, Computer Science
  MECs - Maths, Electronics, Computer Science
  (Life Sciences)
  MZC - Microbiology, Zoology, Chemistry
  MBC - Microbiology, Botany, Chemistry
  GZC - Genetics, Zoology, Chemistry
  GBC - Genetics, Botany, Chemistry
  GMC - Genetics, Microbiology, Chemistry
  NZC - Applied Nutrition, Zoology, Chemistry
  BZC - Botany, Zoology, Chemistry
  BioZC - Biochemistry, Zoology, Chemistry
  BioMC - Biochemistry, Microbiology, Chemistry
  GCCA - Genetics, Chemistry, Computer Application
  MCCA - Microbiology, Chemistry, Computer Application
  BCCA - Botany, Chemistry, Computer Application
  BiotechZC - Biotechnology, Zoology, Chemistry
B.Com General
B.Com Computers
In addition to this all the students have to pay Rs.1,500/- in the month of November towards the yearly term fees.
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